Santa Buenos Aires


Tango is born and grown in a cosmopolitan city with a crossroads of cultures. At the turn of the century, Buenos Aires took in huge waves of immigrants that brought about a unique multicultural encounter and exchange. The coexistence that ensued has unquestionably laid the grounds for what is today an immeasurable phenomenon: the Argentine Tango.

Santa Buenos Aires is a tribute to these souls whose arrival has nurtured and further embellished the Tango. It also pays homage to the soil that homed them and brought them closer to each other.

The story is articulated within a versatile scenographic structure —at once alluding to a ship, a tenement and an altarpiece, where the dreams and fantasies of its sacralised dwellers have found shelter.

Five dance couples bring to life stories of love, heartbreak, happiness and sadness, all of which are told through the interweaving of beautiful tango poems and the more whimsical ‘porteño’ habitat of the ‘conventillo’.

This show is a tribute to bravery and courage, and to the belief that the best of love and the world is yet to come, if not here then in another place. It is a tribute to the Tango itself, originated in the viscera of every being that inhabited this dreamland either by fate or choice.

Five dance couples

Show structure
A single act of 70 minutes

Genre and style
Stage Tango

Costume Design and Scenography
Nora Churquina

Illumination Design
Magalí Perel

Soundtrack Design
Sebastián Verea

Miguel Santillán

Executive Producer
Laura Abal

About the Show
• Santa Buenos Aires premiered in May 2015 followed by a four-week cycle of performances at the prestigious Usina del Arte cultural centre in Buenos Aires.
• In April 2019, it had a four-week rerun at the Kirchner Cultural Centre, one of the most important venues in Buenos Aires.

Show trailer




Santa Buenos Aires, de Leonardo Cuello


Un retablo que se transforma en conventillo


Enfoque original del conventillo