Inside Tango


The Leonardo Cuello Company anchors its work towards researching new ways of expression in the realm of Stage Tango. In its more than 10 years of existence, it has created five distinct shows with box-office success in Buenos Aires theatres and numerous performances internationally.

Inside Tango​, the Company’s latest production, is an innovative format within the creative style of Leonardo Cuello, critically-acclaimed both by specialized press and the public. The show premiered at the Cooperative Cultural Centre (City of Buenos Aires) followed by an eight-week cycle of performances in July and August 2018.

This new show is dedicated to Women —a burning topic that derives from reflections being carried forward by the whole of society. Cuello addresses the theme from an utmost “tanguera” viewpoint, portraying the stories of five iconic women in the tango scene.

It could have been one woman or many more. An intuitive excursion led to the selected figures, emblematic for their radical involvement in the makings of tango. Ada Falcón, Sabina Olmos, Gicel Viganó, Tita Merello and Eva Duarte —each in her own way, with her talent or story, made a distinctive impression, forever weaving herself into the deep threads of this River Plate art form.

Inside Tango also delivers a fresh reflection on the timeworn issue of gender. In the aesthetics of a Tango Show, Cuello concocts an elegant, profoundly evocative performance that bears enormous emotional power. By loosening the routine lines already too prevalent in Stage Tango, he lets unfold in poetic imagery the stories of love and heartbreak endured by each of these women.

Inside Tango is a novel show, stealing in its beauty and acute relevance to matters of current concern.

Five dance couples

Show structure
A one-act show of 65 minutes

Costume Design and Scenography
Nora Churquina

Illumination Design
Magalí Perel

Soundtrack Design
Martín Jurado

Miguel Santillán
Pablo Luque

Executive Producer
Laura Abal

Performance History
The show premiered on 12 July 2018 at the Floreal Gorini Cooperative Cultural Centre (CCC) in the City of Buenos Aires with an eight-week cycle of performances.
In 2019 presents a new cycle of functions in the Cultural Center of Cooperation.

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